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Event Safety & Security « Khiron Security

Event Safety & Security

Khiron Security is a premier supplier of event safety and security services, working with organisers on large-scale events hosting major celebrities from the film, music and sports industries. Our dedicated team has successfully undertaken the safety and security of events in over 15 countries.

Through experience we know that each event is unique. For this reason, a detailed risk assessment specific to the type of event, location and audience is conducted as a first step. This allows us to follow a customised security plan that anticipates, monitors and controls potential risk.

Our experts can offer support every step of the way, advising on issues such as venue planning, access control, crowd flows and critical area protection. Khiron Security also takes responsibility for coordinating all associated services such as police, stewards, medical and fire fighting teams.

Khiron Security’s expertise and commitment allows event organisers to focus on the actual delivery of the entertainment, knowing that safety and security issues are in good hands.

What our clients say…

“We have worked with Khiron Security during Isle of MTV Malta 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. These annual events attracted crowds estimated to have exceeded 40,000 music enthusiasts, yet the security team did an excellent job of handling the crowd and managing access into the site effectively. Their ability to work in difficult conditions, their professional customer-focus, and expertise in delivering a high-quality service helped ensure a safe venue for patrons every time”.

Jane Fraser, Executive Producer, Isle of MTV

The Academy

Khiron Security Academy offers courses for a Security Guard Licence held in the last week of every month. Call 21499880 or Click here to apply


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Tel:+356 2149 9880, Email: info@khironsecurity.com