Operating Procedures

Khiron Security can help organisations formulate plans to counter scenarios that could threaten their continued operation. Business Continuity Planning is about assessing threats and risks, their potential impact and putting in place measures to minimise disruption and allow for the quickest possible recovery from a disaster. Such plans typically take into account scenarios that negatively impact organisational staff, buildings, IT systems and other critical infrastructure, possibly as a result of a fire, earthquake, pandemic, terrorist act and so on.

Khiron has also helped its clients develop guard force operating procedures to cover routine duties as well as to prepare for emergency response.  These typically cover topics such as access control, video monitoring operations and searches as well as responding to aggression, theft incidents and fire, among others.

Khiron has also been tasked with setting up, and implementing, health and safety systems for organisations operating internationally. Organisations have a duty of care to their employees, the general public and the environment that may be affected by their operations. Allocating insufficient resources to establishing an effective health and safety management system, which may initially seem like an attractive option especially during poor economic cycles, could have serious negative long term financial impact. Khiron Security can assist throughout the process, including help with establishing policy, risk assessments, accident investigation and periodic audits.

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