Facility Security & Monitoring Systems

Facility security measures are wide ranging and vary from the very design of a facility at its planning stage (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, or CPTED concept) to numerous types of target hardening features and equipment systems that can be installed to deter or detect intruders. The strategy behind CPTED is that it is possible to influence a potential offender’s decision by increasing the perception of a higher risk of apprehension.

Walls, fencing, gates, signage and lighting are common enough deterrents to protect against intruders. This first line of security is often reinforced with further protective layers such as systems for access control, intruder detection, video monitoring, fire detection & protection, vehicle and personnel scanners, trained dogs for search and guard functions and a suitably trained guard force to deter and respond to incidents. The selection of the right tools and the level of investment will be determined by the threat being faced and the likelihood of the threat materialising.

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