Khiron Security “Best Choice” for Powerboat P1 World Championship

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Khiron Security has provided security services to the Powerboat P1 World Championship since 2007.

Khiron Security has undertaken the safety and security management contract for the Union Internationale Motonautique’s (UIM) Endurance Class Powerboat World Championship since 2007, and was awarded the Spirit of Sergio Cup for excellence.

Powerboat P1 is the world’s fastest-growing marine motorsport series and has eight years’ experience in delivering more than 85 world championship races in 12 different countries. The business has a long term contract with the sport’s governing body, the UIM, and a long term commitment to growing and developing the sport of powerboating at all levels.

For four years running, the safety and security management for the Powerboat P1 World Championship was awarded to Khiron Security. The service provided has received praise and recognition from the championship’s management:

“Khiron Security takes care of our safety and security requirements for the entire season. We could choose a company offering the same services from England or America or anywhere else but the service that we get out of Malta really makes it the ideal choice for us wherever we are in the world,” Robert Wicks, Commercial Director, told The Sunday Times of Malta in an interview.

Khiron Security

Khiron Security staff at work during the race.

Powerboat P1 management Operations Director, Andy Hindley, added: “Khiron  Security  is  the  exclusive  supplier  of  risk  assessments,  security  and  risk  management  and  race  control  personnel.  The company  has  provided  these  services  since  2007  with  operations  in  the  UK,  Sweden,  Portugal,  Malta,  France,  Belgium,  Tunisia,  Turkey,  Italy,  Spain  and  the  Ukraine.

“Always  acting  with  professionalism  and  enthusiasm,  Khiron  staff  have  become  an  integral  part  of  the  P1  delivery  platform.  Their  can‐do  attitude  to  working  in  a  range  of  difficult  environmental  conditions  and  for  long  hours  gives  them  an  edge  over  many  other  cntractors  who  have  similar  CV’s.   Their  understanding  of  what  needs  to  be  done  and  their  commitment  to  getting  it  done  are  a  credit  to  John  and  his  leadership.  When  this  is  coupled  with  their  experience  and  extensive  knowledge  base,  they  stand  out  from  the  crowd  and  give  any  employer  a  comfort  zone  that  is  difficult  to  replicate”.

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